Story of Ireland

Story of Ireland cover

BBC Books, 2011 - available from Amazon

(US edition - Thomas Dunne, 2012 also available from Amazon)


 Destroying Angel (Short story in ‘Warwick Review’)

Warwick Review Cover

Vol 2, No 4, December 2008 - 


Slob Lands (Essay in ‘A Wilder Vein’)

 A Wilder Vein cover

Two Ravens Press, 2009 -  Available here


Dublin: A View From The Ground


Portrait Books November 2007 - available from Piatkus and Amazon


The Fall of Saigon


The Stinging Fly (Autumn/Winter 2007-8)


A White Christmas For Momma

Stinging Fly

The Stinging Fly Autumn/Winter 2005-6 - available from The Stinging Fly


Waking Up In Dublin

Waking Up In Dublin

Sanctuary 2004 - available from Amazon